Tail Tales


This is my GSD girl, Kora.

She’s the first dog I ever owned/belonged to. Before she came home with me I spent a lot of time getting to know her Mum and extended family and learning all about German Shepherd dogs.

She’s two years old and the joy of my life. She helped me with depression, anxiety, grief and she taught me how to relax.

My home and clothes are covered in fur and I don’t care. What a lovely feeling.


Zero Waste #1

On our holidays we always try to find something that reflects our life back home.

I look for independent book shops, great foodie spots and anything to do with sustainability and zero waste living. We didn’t have any of our own pots with us but had a good browse around. They had a small range of spices and a great selection of dried pulses and beans. On the other side of the shop they had a selection of home goods and personal items as well as an extensive refill station.

Well worth a visit if you happen to be in the area.


Nil Living

Open 9.00-5.30 Monday to Saturday

106/107 The Grainger Market Alley, 3 Grainger St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5QN


Gorse Wine


We have a lot of gorse bushes. A LOT.

While it is lovely to see little bursts of yellow when everything else is looking dull and drab they are nasty things to deal with. They prickle and stick to you and spread like anything. They are hard to get rid of and easy to get more of.

This last spring I decided to try making Gorse Wine. The theory was that if we made something yummy out of them it wouldn’t be so bad having all these prickly little monsters all over our land.

I collected buckets of the flowers, added raisins, yeast, sugar and water and left it to do its thing. It was strained, racked and re-racked, checked and re-checked.

It’s disgusting.

Maybe I need a better recipe, maybe I did something wrong, maybe other people have wonderful success with this. Not me. Eurgh. It has a flavour that gets stuck inside your nose and reminds you of unpleasant tastes that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Anyone had a good experience with this stuff?

I don’t think we’ll be trying this again next year. Meanwhile, I’m off to cut down some gorse…